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The cosy fitting attire

Empowering Yogis

Yoga is fun and relaxing. It nourishes the mind and produces calming effect. At cosefit, we believe that wearing a beautiful outfit further enhances the feel good effect. We aim to empower you with our beautiful collections that seamlessly hugs your body. 

Being healthy? Why not be pretty as well?

COSEFIT helps you to get both

What our clients say

I bought the Flame of the Forest. Does make me feel beautiful and confident. I wasn't expecting to get so many compliments and attentions!

Rose S.

The pants here are so pretty! and it makes me want to wear them everyday!

Kayla J.

a bit expensive but at least the material feels real


Bought one for my gf and now she's asking for more. Regretting it! But at least she said it was good though.

James M.

Very nice! I love it


Never thought yoga pants could be so beautiful! Imma big fan of them and I love it so much! my hubby loves it when i wear it!!

Kimmie S.

Got what I was looking for. Looking forward for more designs by them

Barbara K.

I love it!!! 

Gina J.

I feel bad because now I'm wearing these more often than the plain ones. But it's so pretty!!!

Chelsea I.